Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am Not God

I spent 4 days last week at the Titoki Healing Centre. I highly recommmend it for time out, opportunity to just hang with God and also for the theophostic prayer ministry, which really helped me more forward on some personal stuff I have been dealing with lately. TPM is focused on people's identifying the lies they believe that are causing painful emotions and replacing these lies with the Lord's truth.

One truth that really struck me is that I am not God. Now I know that is obvious, but sometimes we act like we are God, carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.

I really like this quote from NT Wright in Surprised by Hope:

To embrace the ascension is to heave a sigh of relief, to give up the struggle to be God (and with it the inevitable despair at our constant failure), and to enjoy our status as creatures: image-bearing creatures, but creatures nonetheless.

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GuyMuse said...

Reading about your Titoki experience reminds me of our 2005 Sonscape time of healing and restoration. One of the things I got out of that week was the very thing you write about. I have the tendency to take upon my shoulders that which God never intended me to have to carry. This was further revealed to me last year reading "Velvet Elvis" where he has to kill the "super-pastor(missionary)" before God is able to use him. This whole year for me, has been a process of killing off the "super-missionary".

I am checking out right now the theophostic website and viewing the video even as I type. So far it looks like good stuff.

Thanks for sharing these links and your word of testimony. Good stuff.