Wednesday, May 12, 2010


OK. So I kinda think that I have had a few God organized encounters at this conference so far. I get off the plane Monday afternoon and miss the bus by about 10 minutes. Have to wait 1 1/2 hrs for next bus. I know you're gonna think: bumma. Well I did at first. Then I got a free subway pass from a new Japanese friend Kunio (he translates free bible software into Japanese). Next I bump into a friend of a friend from Latin America that I have never met before and we chat all the way to the conference venue and then somehow find our way on the subway to our hotel, which happens to be the same one! Yesterday afternoon I chat more in Spanish than English with a number of Latinos. Then today I bump into a former SIMer in Ecuador, but before my time, that now works in Mexico and also the YWAM director for Colombia - more Spanish conversation - yay! IN the elevator I talk with someone from Bangladesh that knows a MP working there. It's like everywhere I go I bump into someone who knows someone I know. Like 2deg of separation even works at a missionary conference with over 1000 delegates from 80 countries. Will heaven be like this? I hope so.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Tokyo 2010

Heading to Japan on Monday for Tokyo 2010

It is a missionary conference in the style of the Edinburgh 1910 conference.

I will try to post or tweet something each day.

Can't get that Vapours song out of my brain: Turning Japanese.
See: youtube - Turning Japanese

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