Sunday, May 06, 2007


Hi there.
In June we will be participating along with other missions and churches in the MI7 conference called Remodelling Mission. As we look to how we do mission in the future may this article from the M Blog (Read it Here) by Guy Muse (our IMB partner in Guayaquil, Ecuador) encourage us to be prepared to make changes to adapt to a quickly changing world. Quoting Curtis Sergeant he says:

If You Keep Doing What You’ve Been Doing,
You’ll Keep Getting What You’ve Been Getting.

Never be satisfied with the status quo. Always seek to improve...
We need to constantly evaluate and measure what is working and make the needed changes.

At times these changes need to be radical; at times it is just a matter of kaizen (Japanese word for making tiny little improvements each and every day.) What changes do you need to make where God has placed you?