Saturday, March 31, 2007

Finding My Rhythm

After my first month or so in leadership I hit a wall where I was physically, spiritually and emotionally tired after 2 weeks of meetings, air travel, long days and dealing with difficult issues and real people. In talking with a trusted leader I met "by chance" at my lowest point:-) I realized that most of my stress was coming from CFS (Christian fatigue syndrome): I had been ministering long hours without a break for 2 weeks. A couple of weeks ago I worked through the weekend, but had already planned a complete day off during the following week. It's not rocket science, but it really made a difference. What Ruth Haley Barton in the latest Leadership Mag really resonates with me:
"There is something deeply spiritual about honoring the limitations of our human existence."

Now I am learning to find my rhythms: when I work best, how to recognize when I need a day off before everyone around me does 1st, how to be fully engaged giving my best for the missos I serve whilst having regular slots to step back and gain perspective. As I have said to others, I now say to myself: your organisation will never tell you to do less; don't be a hero, you need to know when its time for some self-care (or listen to your wife who can usually spot it first:-); ministry is a marathon not a sprint. I haven't got it sewn up yet, but in recognising this early I am hoping to burn like a candle not a double-happy.

Here are some other very relvant quotes from the article:
"Jesus understood how quickly our passions, even the most noble, can wear us out if we're not careful."
"When we keep pushing forward without taking adequate time for rest, our way of life may seem heroic, but there is frenetic quality to our work that lacks true effectiveness because we lose the ability to be fully present. Present to God and present to other people. And we lose the ability to discern what is really needed in our situation."

It is certainly worth a read: A Steady Rhythm
Have you found your rhythm yet?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Breaking out of the Typical

What marks us out from the rest?
The following link shows a video from Mute Math that encourages us not to be trapped in the typical (lyrics here)

Peter challenges us to maintain among unbelievers an exemplary example 1 Peter 2:11-12 . But sometimes we live so like those around us that they don’t even know we are followers of Jesus. We have Jesus in our lives - it should show in our lifestyle, in our attitudes. I am not advocating a purist separation from "the others" but rather a prophetic openness to others, such as Jesus had, that creates opportunities for people to front up to the reality of God and their need for relationship with him. I am daily challenged not to define my faith by a narrow orthodoxy but by orthopraxis - a true living out of the gospel. What kind of reflection of Jesus do people see when they look in the mirror of me (or you)?

Monday, March 19, 2007

I am Ginger!

Here's a funny video from Catherine Tate about being a red-head. When I was young I got teased. Now I am glad I stand out from the rest.

Gingers for justice

Also see wikipedia red-head

Friday, March 09, 2007

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Saturday, March 03, 2007