Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fences & footprints

-You’re outside the fence!
But who erected it in the first place?
Jesus says
-Come to me
And the invitation to leave aside all that holds us back

Yet Phari-sees
We add to the weight of the oppressed
-Be like us or he won’t accept you

When he is we
And his acceptance is based on faith in a person
Not interpretation of a proposition

We reduce conversation to catechism
And faith to assent
When we are called to radical living that engenders faith

-The word of God says
Becomes a weapon of exclusion
And insomuch we deny our very Lord who says
For those who come
find that we have locked the door
To protect ourselves
When the message of hope and life has no bounds
And true religion is to break the bondage of the oppressed

Can’t you see that in unlocking the door we are freeing ourselves to truly live
To put flesh on God amongst those to need to see him most

Ghosts and Halloween are evil we say
But the real evil is that millions are dying of starvation while we just
Booty, God, booty

Since when has
-live justly
-Be pious when others can see you
We forget that in a global world
buying a pair cheap pair of shoes is a Moral choice
That our footprint on the earth leaves an imprint
In us
In others

That the boundaries we draw
Form over meaning
Are the fence that keeps those God is drawing
And that ain’t no justice

I am left speechless, except to ask
-How long?

24 But let justice roll on like a river,
righteousness like a never-failing stream!