Saturday, May 24, 2008

Over the hill?

Turned 40 today. Seem like I have been celebrating it for weeks. My parents took me & Riche out to Windross House Restaurant before vanishing overseas again a couple of weeks ago. Last week I went with some mates up the luge

I got a coffee card from one friend for my favorite drive-thru-cafe (DTC) which I enjoyed throughout the week. Then yesterday my musical present arrived - a cool microphone.

Today I am sharing at a CLC conference in Gordonton (1 hour from home). Riche & the boys surprised me with helium filled balloons and a yummy chocolate cake to share.

Next Wednesday at the office I am shouting cake also.

Wow, I should turn 40 every year.

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Steve K. said...

Hey Nigel!

I'm just catching up on some blog reading and came across THIS! Happy belated birthday to you. Hope you're doing well and that being "over the hill" means that you'll be picking up speed ;-)

Steve K.