Wednesday, September 05, 2007


We arrived here Saturday. Richelle is much better PTL so we could make the 2 ½ hour journey by road from Galmi.

(The photo is yard sale day on the road).

Tomorrow we leave for Niamey.

The Hughes & Nicholsons are doing a fantastic job. They speak Fulfulde & Hausa respectively and have adapted well to living in this hot & hard place. In fact it doesn’t surprise me to meet and also hear of many down-unders who are part of the story of the gospel in the poorest and harshest country on earth. It has been great to meet with these families. Their kids are great also. We have known Mike & Ceciel for many years so it just like catching up with old friends and our conversations have ranged from their ministries to the bigger issues of life and missions. In the next few posts I will outline some of the ministries here & the experiences we have had.

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