Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heading Home

Hi there. I am writing from my hotel room in LA. In a few hours I will be heading home on AirNZ - more than 12 hour flight to Auckland. I can't wait to see the family. I have been away for a month and I really miss the boys. It was great to have Riche with me on most of the trip, but I haven't seen her for 2 weeks either! It was a fantastic trip but it is time to go home.

Since my last post we travelled back to UK, Riche headed home and I came stateside for a clan gathering of directors - at this awesome place up in the NC mountains (with an internet fast hence no posts). It was so good to spend time with others who have done this role for a long time - a real encouragement to me who is just starting out. In Africa I learnt that our home office role is important, because we serve those who are out there doing it. Here I learnt that it gets easier, but never easy to lead.

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