Thursday, August 30, 2007


We are at Galmi Hospital today. We flew in by SIM-AIR on a single-prop Saratoga Piper. It was fun. Heaps better than the other option of a bus ride of a whole day over roads that have detours on the detours because the bridges have been washed out with flooding. The woman who came with us, Kristine, smiled all the way, I think because she was so freaked out.

Galmi hospital was started in 1950. Missionaries from 11 different countries work with local Nigereans in this ministry that attracts people to Christ by helping with their physical needs. Walking around the hospital you can see that the need is great: especially for doctors (long or short-term). Also the rebuilding project is in need of a new project manager. The original buildings have cracked over time. The newly renovated section looks fantastic, but the rest needs completion ASAP.

Dave & Lois Freeman are doing a fantastic job here with Guesthouse management, counseling & maintenance work. They have fit in really well so quickly and I think that the day they plan to leave all the roads will be out and SIM-AIR grounded.

We hope our visit will be of great encouragement to them. I know already they appreciate the Milo, boating magazines & Turkish Delight we brought on behalf of a family member.

We head to Maradi Saturday.

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