Saturday, August 11, 2007

1 year since we left

Hard to believe but it is a year since we left Ecuador (August 12th).

Wanna know why I miss it?

Read these great blogs of real life God stuff with real people in Guayaquil (ciudad de mis amores).
What a difference
Send us out
House church baptisms
ten2b virus
or see the latest Mblog post.

Man I miss those guys.

Wanna know why I am in NZ? to reproduce myself and send more labourers into the harvest. So do you wanna join the team in Guayaquil? Let me know. Visit for more opportunities.


GuyMuse said...

Like I wrote on Corazon Latino's blog earlier, I can't believe it has actually been a whole year! We miss you guys terribly! It looks like we are going to get a new family to come in a couple of months transfers in from another country. Keep praying for laborers!

Paul Chow said...

hey, i use to study there. The principal there is Mrs James, A teacher there called Misses Zoolkoski died there. And the mascot is Sahel Suns.
nice to meet, you.

If you ever go there again, tell the