Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's all about me...yeah right.

This is a take-off of the Tui adverts that are world famous in NZ.
I saw it on emergent kiwi.

Reading Mustard Seed vs. McWorld (see previous post) has really challenged me. Despite 8 years in Ecuador I now feel kinda trapped in middle-class NZ: mortgage, busyness and the like. I miss the community of our house-churches in Guayaquil and am finding it easy to revert to WASP values rather than challenge the status-quo of the materialistic me-generation. It will take a determined effort to integrate back into NZ without losing all of who I have become as a Guayaco.
eg. We have a gas heater that is over 10 years old and the tank and heater need to be tested before we are allowed to refill and use it. Cost: about $100 and we have to take it across town and probably pick it up another day. Or we can buy a new one for about $150, but how do we dispose of the old one in an eco conscious way? In Ecuador you wouldn't even bother testing! I remember with fondness those rusty gas tanks that cost US$1.60 to refill:-) Throwing things away in Ecuador meant leaving them out front overnight and someone would come along and take it home and fix it and re-sell it or use it. To be honest, I don't like either of the two options I have here and we are having such trouble deciding on something so seamingly simple that we probably just use the fire this winter. What would you do?

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