Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 Blog or not 2 Blog

That is the question.
With facebook, people seem to care more.
Twitter is just broadcasting.
Has blogging become like sending a fax?



Peter Mihaere said...

interesting... my imediate thought was to comment on this via the fb posting of this blog.

I think it has a place, but not the dominant feature it used to have.

Blogs are good for managing content and timed delivery of that content. In my context we have all of our daily prayer info on a blog which is delivered at a scheduled time and then collaborative tools push that content into the fb arena automatically. I'm still looking for a good and free tool to do that automatically for twitter... we do it manually through Hootsuite because of the 'txt' down component.

Hey, even the good old fax still has a place, its role has become more niche... specialised I guess.

PS BTW I would only have seen this blog post because you interfaced it with fb.

Cheers PJ said...

Here's what I think about blogging vs Facebook...

Diamond said...
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