Tuesday, May 19, 2009

& you call this democracy?

I don't politipost too often, but I am extremely frustrated with our current government's actions.

On the one hand, the initial bill to make changes to out largest metropolitan area making it a supercity has been passed under urgency (read: with no select committee process, read: we the inhabitants don't get to give our opinion). Labour has used a process of filibustering to slow down the passage of the bill but it still went through.

On the other hand, the Wanganui District council is holding a referendum on whether there should be an 'h' in Wanganui, thus making it Whanganui (like the name of the river).

The first issue affects the lives of over 1/2 NZ population, the second issue is one of linguistics that is easily solved by seeing that the regional dialect of the Whanganui tribes uses the wh sound & not the w' sound, so a correction should be made in consultation with the Tangata Whenua of the area.

Bringing these 2 extremes of "democracy" together is the fact that the Auckland Ubercity bill was renamed as Local Government (Tamaki Makaurau Reorganisation) Act, which one commentator says "asks the Tangata Whenua to define it" because the name Tamaki Makaurau predates the arrival of the European to NZ. Bet they don't ask!

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