Sunday, June 29, 2008

Signs Recap - Shalom

The idea with this signs series is 5 days of post, one day off and one day recap. One of the recap questions is :

Are we seeing evidence of God’s healing, forgiving, reconciling, and creating work to go on? Is there evidence of God’s desire for shalom.

This week has been one of most difficult of my life (hence no posts on day 4&5). Yet the solitude I wrote of on day 2 has given me a peace in God's presence (most of the time:-)

My wife was rushed to hospital Thursday night, but the acute situation resolved itself and we continue to look for healing and restoration.

Reconciliation and forgiveness are also key themes as we look to help child no.1 face some serious issues at school.

I desire for shalom, in it's complete sense. May Your Kingdom come...

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