Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BMX bails

Well, son no.1 has taken up BMX at the local bike-park. He has proved to be a real boy in the last month with 3 spectacular bails. Here's the 1st one:

Thankfully no serious injury: Look mum:-)

2nd Bail meant a ride home in a ute, a trip to the clinic for a sprained foot, crutches for a few days and a day off school.

3rd Bail was an ambulance trip to the hospital for 9 stiches in a fleshy-cut under the knee :-(

More Photos

He told the nurse he'd be back in a few weeks with a broken leg. I am hoping he doesn't keep his promise. And I am grateful for helmets.

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GuyMuse said...

We all enjoyed Caleb's ten seconds of YouTube fame! I bet you were glad mum wasn't there watching! :)